Mandala Drawing Workshop - Round #4 (Maha Mashhour) Inactive

Relax | Release | Re-Energize

Design Your Own Mandala

Connect With Your Inner Creativity

Mandala in Sanskrit means circle and is about the symmetry and order around its centre, just like the universe. Mandala is used in some eastern cultures as means of meditation and to connect on a deeper level with the emotions and the outer world.

During the process of creating and colouring the mandala many emotions like sadness, anger, or fear are released and even suppressed feelings are set free which therefor sooth our nervous system and aids in relaxation. The mind further gets the chance to imagine and create in a pleasant, joyful and relaxing way.

When it comes to the thoughts and self-talk which evolve during the creative process it’s time for the facilitator to interfere with the appropriate coaching questions. The coach asks in a safe environment to find answers to some issues, to increase awareness of the client and to help gain new perspectives. The coach is not going to analyze the drawings but rather sees Art as another language which aids expressing the unspoken to get more clarity in life and to understand the inner self.

There’s no need to have any experience in drawing. It’s very easy to learn and the results are every time amazing and very unique. It’s very self-fulfilling and might be a nice deco for home or for a loved one.

Benefits of mandala drawing:

- Emotional healing

- De-stressing

- Re-energizing

Places are limited

On the day of event $25 usd

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