Best You - Live Virtual Workshop (active)

by Domenic Certa

When you define your own personal standards, you are more able to live up to them. It's impossible to live up to standards that you don't define for yourself. So, take some time with a little guidance from me and you will see a magnificent shift in your life results. ~ Domenic

You already know that the way you talk to yourself creates your reality. If you don’t already know that, it’s okay.

Also, you don’t have to believe it, however, it’s true though. Just stop for a second and listen. What’s your quiet voice saying to you about money, relationships, your habits, your health?

Some people call it our “internal conversation” or “thinking” but no matter what you call it, it’s still you talking to yourself with a conversation that you can totally control...if you want to that is.

You may think you already have control of your internal conversation when in fact you really don’t. How do I know that?

Just look at your life results. It's easy to see. But will you ever admit it? Haha! No freakin way. You will pretend that you are in control and then you will cover it up by hiding it or avoid dealing with it in some way.

The truth is, it just takes a little practice and you can completely change the course of your life...if you want to that is.

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