The Ultimate Compiler Blueprint (active)

Monica Kunzekweguta

The Ultimate Step-By-Step Compiler Blueprint

Have you been considering compiling a book but didn’t know what it involves? Are you one of those people who like the idea of being published but the thought of failing to complete the book discourages you? Well there is a solution, sharing short stories in a book with other authors. An anthology is described as a book made up of a collection of literary works selected by the compiler; it will be a collection of plays, poems, short stories, songs, or quotations by various authors. In fiction, the term "anthology" categorizes the collection of short texts as short stories and short novels by different authors, each containing indications of the inconsistency of letters and letters, and they categorized into one volume for publication. An anthology gives you the best of both worlds. The compilation is typically centered around a theme, topic, genre, or type of author.

This gives you the opportunity to focus on a topic or theme of interest to you and your co-authors that invite to share with you. It gives everyone involved a chance to express themselves.

The current environment calls for projects which bring us together, not just for one or two sessions, but the opportunity to connect for a lifetime through sharing stories. As a compiler you get to work with many aspiring authors to move from scribbling to getting their idea, thoughts and expressions out into the world. Many would agree that a book is still one of the best ways to share your message. With a chance to submit a chapter the idea of writing will not be daunting.

Interested? Listed below are some of benefits to the compiling:

An anthology can be a powerful marketing tool

It offers great branding, expands your influence and increases your visibility as an expert for entrepreneurs. Your visibility is multiplied as you’re are included in various visibility opportunity such as press releases, interviews,

and other spotlights. Co-authors can get increased publicity every time the other contributors promote the book. You expand your network as your co-authors become a part of your marketing team and you, theirs.

✓ Opportunity to Make a Global Impact

In my anthologies, I provide interaction so that you can meet (virtually or in-person) and network. In addition, being associated with other published authors can increase your standing in your industry. And their audience will learn about you. For my anthologies

✓ Enhances leadership and Coaching skills

✓ Today's Business Card

Suffice to say,"I am one of the compilers who can carry the weight of tons of writers looking for additional writing opportunities. The book becomes a great business card for both compiler and the authors.

✓ Visibility and credibility on Amazon and on Google

The evidence of your work will be available when needed.

Maybe You Might Ask, Why Do Authors Want to Be in an Anthology?

Being the author of one book always provides recognition and financial benefits. However, there are many reasons why authors, even publishers, may want to consider becoming part of an anthology:

• It’s less overwhelming. Writing a chapter for an anthology means that you do not have to write a full manuscript, instead you’re required to write writing one chapter that is usually 1,000 to 2,500 words or more depending on what

the compiler wishes to achieve.

• You can narrow your focus to the writing, leaving the burden of publishing to the compiler. In general, the barrier to entry is often much less than that of writing your own book. You may even be able to re-purpose previously written works with just a few minor tweaks.

• It’s more budget friendly. Most anthologies are lower investment point to participate in, than that of writing and publishing your own book.

• Authors get more support. As you write your story numerous questions come up on how to powerfully present it for yourself and the reader. Fear, blocks and doubt sometimes shows up as you do something new. This is when you need the support of a coach. My passion is to offer you individualized support, encouragement and help to produce your powerful chapter so that you can shine and empower others.

• In Good Company. Other anthologies bring together top writers and experts. So being featured with reputable authors can pay a few celebrity writers the benefit of being

viewed as affiliated with them.

• Why Would an Author Ever Pay or Write for free of charge to Be in an Anthology Book?

For authors, paying to be part of an anthology work can be a wise marketing investment, whether that means paying a fee or contributing writing for free. A book can be an impressive calling card for attracting potential employers, clients, agents,speaking engagements, and even more writing


The prospective authors would find the opportunity enticing, there are strong reasons for writing a chapter for an anthology. From building themselves up as a writer to expanding their audience and opportunities, the benefits of contributing to a collaborative effort are pretty good. They have nothing to lose. As for the compiler, the benefits are huge, they are in the driving seat.

This is a 12-week module. Course is delivered via Texts, worksheets, The course covers a step-by-step process, from idea to prospecting, enrolling writing and every exercise in between until the book gets publishes.

You will learn:

1. How to set up for a successful book project

2. How to prospect and choose serious co-authors

3. Where to find resources

4. How to use social media to your benefit

5. Step-by-step process to getting published

6. One-one coaching 1 hour

7. Bonus

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