Mind Detox Program (active)

Manoj Kumar Singh

This program is focused to help reclaim mental freshness, which is lost due to day-to-day accumulation of the negative thoughts and stress that builds further into mental blockage.

Mental blockage lead to sourness into relationships both at personal and professional levels, also it hinders the thought process and limits the creative side of an individual. Your creativity is very critical aspect of your thought process that helps you resolve most of the challenges that you face at home or in work. Mind detoxification is your guide to help you lighten yourself up and refresh life without having to worry about being judged by anyone.

Some Statistics:

1. WHO says that an estimated amount of US$ 1 Trillion per year is lost globally because of loss of productivity due to depression and anxiety at the workplace.

2. More than 450 million people suffer from mind related issues globally and more than two third never report this or discuss with anyone.

3. 1 in 4 people in the world suffers from some kind of mind related issues. Most of them are not serious and can be normalized by just talking about them.

4. As per Mental Health Foundation, United Kingdom approximately 68% Women and 57% men with mental health issues are parents.

Top 5 Reasons For Mental Toxicity:

1. Stress

2. Mobile & Gadgets

3. Listening To Negative Thoughts & People

4. Health Issues & Disease

5. Food

Key Features Of This Program:

1. Easy 5 Step Mind Rejuvenation Program

2. Build From Years Of Self Experience and Feedback From People

3. Focuses On Leading A Life In Its True Sense

4. Easy To Manage Time

5. Easy On Pocket

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