90 Minute Clarity Intensive Session (active)

Mona Mitkees

Gain Inner Peace, Confidence, and Fulfillment

Hi, I am Mona Mitkees, a Spiritual Confidence Coach.

I can help you gain more confidence within yourself by learning to trust your inner voice so you can follow your passion in life from a place of alignment and integrity.


I believe that finding and following your passion in life starts by shifting your attention inwards to find your answers. When you allow yourself to follow your inner guidance you will become fearless in taking inspired actions toward what you feel is right for you. This results in having inner peace, and confidence and fulfillment within yourself.


Inner Peace, Confidence, and Fulfillment happens when you become aligned with the universal laws of creation. Everything depends on your ability to receive the messages that are sent to you from the Universe.


When aligned, you co-create and attract what you desire, and the more you are balanced, grounded and confident about who you are gives you clarity about why you are meant to be on this planet.


If you're seeking to gain clarity of direction and confidence in taking inspired action whether on a personal or a professional level, (especially if you're a coach) then you're more than welcome to book your 90 Minute Clarity Intensive Session with me.

Mona Mitkees

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