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Lucy Faulconer - Leadership Coach & Facilitator

90-Minute Feedback Session after Completing the Online Questionnaire Included

What the Being Profile Is For

Would you like to create a level of awareness that will allow you to identify areas of strengths and the areas that are getting in the way of your performance and effectiveness? In particular, around the aspects of being, that sit below the actions and results you are achieving.

When you become interested in lifting your own levels of performance, it is not uncommon to hit your own hidden roadblocks. The Being Profile gives deep insights into the fundamental ways that you relate to yourself and your circumstances. Highlighting the areas that may have been previously unseen to boost one’s performance.

Join me for a ninety-minute feedback session after completing the online Being Profile questionnaire, so you can get to the heart of what is getting in the way for you and gain clarity around what you need to work on within yourself so you can increase your effectiveness in life.

What Is It

The Being Profile is based in Ontology, and is a measure of your awareness, integrity and effectiveness at work, in relationships and your activities. It measures 16 primary aspects of an individual including Authenticity, Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Empowerment among others, as well as additional performance-related qualities such as Assertiveness, Confidence, Resilience and others.

The Being Profile focuses on measuring the aspects of being that are the source of our behavior, rather than focusing on behaviors alone.

About Me

Based in Brisbane, Australia, I am passionate about supporting individuals, teams and organisations to tap into their own inner wisdom, purpose, and power for skillful action. My commitment to growing myself and others has taken me to discover the amazing potential and power we hold to shape our own lives.

I have eight years’ experience working with a broad range of leaders and organisations – including not-for-profits, government and large corporations in industries such as Higher Education, Financial Services, Mining and Transport – as a consultant, trainer and coach.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Organisational Psychology and am an ACC with the International Coach Federation (ICF), a certified Ontological Coach with The Newfield Network, an IECL Certified Coach and a Being Profile Accredited Practitioner.

Check my Being Profile 202 Credentials here:

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