How to Hack a Micro ManaJerk PDF (Active)

by Domenic Certa

Had enough yet? This book contains language used by real people and is not edited for political or corporate correctness. In other words, we have edited out all the bullshit! So, if you don't like the "F" word...this book may not be for you. If you have a manager who is holding you back or is making you talk to yourself incessantly, causing you to be stressed out on your time off, while you should be enjoying your life, you're in the right place - about to read this book. Remember, life is supposed to be a fun journey, not a frustrating struggle.

As the name implies, here is a Micromanager who adds their unique style of jerkiness to management.

Also known as the Black Hole Boss, the Micro ManaJerk actually thinks that keeping their people in the dark and feeding them bullshit keeps them hungry for more. However, it only keeps the team confused and feeling deflated.

The Micro ManaJerk also thinks that by spilling too much critical information the team will somehow take over, so they hoard information (like a galactic black 🅞 hole), vs. sharing necessary information so their people can do their jobs effectively.

Their entire purpose is to be vague, effectively reversing gravity, where resources and information go in, but not even one fucking molecule comes out.

🌟Micro ManaJerk’s are Quirky

Some Micro ManaJerk’s act like snooty, numbnuts who think their poodle 🐩 poop is odorless just because they have all their organic soup can labels lined up in their pantry cabinets.

In the workplace, these managers are so in your face, stalking your junk, 24/7, because they’re freaked out that their boss is going to spot a mistake THEY missed.

They’re like a confused squirrel darting back and forth unsure of which way to run. When mistakes start to build, they get the deer-in-the-headlights look and freeze in their tracks.

A Micro ManaJerk is such a quirky management style because this unaware narcissist hasn’t a clue that they’re demotivating 😩 their people, making them weaker and painfully resentful. Team players are like, “Get outta my face, ass hat!”

If a Micro ManaJerk would just give instructions and specific targets, and leave people alone, everything would be rainbows and butterflies.

But noooooo...this boss type is neurotic, uptight, and anal, which leaves you feeling like they don’t trust you and like you’re a fucking, worthless chowderhead that can never do anything as well as them.

Micro ManaJerk’s are Illusionists

A Micro ManaJerk has the audacity to think they’re better organized, more accurate, and way more practical than anyone else in the department which they think gives them the green light to tell you the proper way to hold a tissue while you blow your nose. These are some strange muthafuckas!

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